Ocean Breeze East Project

The Ocean Breeze East Project site is a vacant parcel of land approximately 4.32 acres in size and located at 700 N. Seacrest Boulevard. The property was purchased in May 2007 after the multi-family housing that had previously existing on the property had been condemned due to extreme hurricane damage. The CRA demolished the structures, cleared the site, and maintained the vacant property during the land recession. In 2016, the CRA rezoned the property to allow for a higher maximum density (40 versus 30 dwelling units/acre). The increase in density along with the favorable real estate market initiated development interest. The $26 million dollar project will consist of 123 multi-family affordable rental units (30 one bedroom, 63 two bedroom, and 30 three bedroom), three story structures with residential amenities, 990 square feet of “flex and community space”, new sidewalks, street lighting, on-street parking spaces, a plaza-style open space and enhanced landscaping that exceeds the requirements of City’s Land Development Regulations. 

For more information regarding the project, the application process and rental costs please contact:

Centennial Management Corp.
Email: obreeze@centennialmgt.com
Phone Number: 305-455-5019